23 Juni 2016

Unkilled v 0.5.5 MOD Apk + Data

Download Unkilled v 0.5.5 MOD Apk + Data - Unkilled is a game created by the developer of Dead Trigger. This game-themed zombie games and tell stories about the chaos in New York City, the United States after being beset by a viral attack that made the townspeople into zombies. You in charge of the disaster in order to save the city is not getting expanded to other cities. The premise of the story is indeed a standard look and lots of stories like this are found on the main enemy shooter game with other zombies. But the Developer's own promising not only will feature action shootout just like Dead Trigger, but they promised that the game is over you will also find the storyline relating to core gameplay. 




It is a glimpse of the story about the game, and the Unkilled I share this time is Unkilled Version MOD. 

What will you get on version MOD? 
  • Infinity ammo No Reload 
  • can attack from a distance 
  • faster level up and you'll make a great damage to the enemy
 Link Download

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